DDT Proposals and Target Lists

The table below summarizes the Director's Discretionary Target proposal for the entirety of the TESS mission. Included are DDT number, name of the DDT principal investigator, the subject of the DDT, the cadence requested (20s or 2m), and the number of targets. A link to the DDT candidate target list is provided for each DDT. Note that all targets observed at 20s cadence are also observed at 2m cadence.

If there are questions or comments, please contact Joel Villasenor (jsvilla@space.mit.edu) or Roland Vanderspek (roland@space.mit.edu).

DDT # PI Subject Cadence No. Targets CTL
001 Zach Berta-Thompson New Young Moving Group Members from Gaia DR2 2m 1865 DDT001
002 Lisa Kaltenegger Stars where TESS can probe 1AU equivalent distance 2m 1811 DDT002
003 Ian Crossfield K2 Planet Candidates 2m 60 DDT003
004 Jessie Christiansen Lowest-Metallicity TESS Targets 2m 3361 DDT004
005 Christopher Burke Discovered TOIs 2m 20 DDT005
006 JJ Hermes New White Dwarfs from Gaia 2m 239 DDT006
007 Allison Youngblood Searching for planets around high velocity stars to enable UV Transmission Spectroscopy 2m 113 DDT007
008 Padi Boyd Solar Siblings in Sectors 12 and 13 2m 2 DDT008
009 Colin Littlefield TESS observations of erratic accretion onto the magnetized white dwarf in V496 UMa 2m 1 DDT009
010 Nobu Kawai X-ray sources observed by MAXI 2m 90 DDT010
011 Isaac Lopez Candidate Pulsating Low-Mass White Dwarfs from Gaia DR2 2m 40 DDT011
012 Avi Shporer Known Transiting Planets 2m 39 DDT012
013 Joshua Pepper Single-transit candidates for Year 2 2m 25 DDT013
014 James Davenport QX Cas 2m 1 DDT014
015 Jari Kajava Quasi-periodic eruptions from an active galactic nucleus 2m 1 DDT015
016 Timothy Bedding High-frequency Delta-Scuti Stars 2m 373 DDT016
017 Nicolas Crouzet Characterizing the XO-7 System 2m 1 DDT017
018 Andrew Vanderburg TIC 207425167, a system with a long-period Jupiter with only a single transit 2m 1 DDT018
019 Derek Buzesi B Star Asteroseismology 2m 27 DDT019
020 Veselin Kostov Stellar Multiples from TESS 2m 32 DDT020
021 Don Kurtz Quiet A stars 20s 53 DDT021
022 Vichi Antoci High-frequency A-F pulsators 20s 2412 DDT022
023 Andrew Vanderburg Observations of New, High-Priority White Dwarfs with Circumstellar Dust 2m 19 DDT023
024 Diana Dragomir TESS Single Transit Planet Candidate (TSTPC) 2m 100 DDT024
025 Isaac Lopez Candidate Pulsating Low-Mass White Dwarfs from Gaia DR2 2m 26 DDT025
026 David Wilson Measuring the spin period of a rare magnetic white dwarf 2m 1 DDT026
027 Veselin Kostov Stellar Multiples and Circumbinary Planets from TESS 2m 9 DDT027
028 Luke Bouma Complex Modulation of Rapidly Rotating Young M Dwarfs 2m 47 DDT028
029 Luke Bouma Complex Modulation of Rapidly Rotating Young M Dwarfs 20s 10 DDT029
030 Krzysztof Helminiak Confirming a circumbinary planet with eclipse timing variations 20s 1 DDT030
031 Jamie Tayar Digging Deep Into Massive Star Variability 20s 1 DDT031
032 Rasmus Handberg Asteroseismology of Solar-type stars, High-Frequency A-F Pulsators, and White Dwarfs 20s 1397 DDT032
033 Sam Grunblatt Hot Jupiters Around Evolved Stars 2m 25 DDT033
034 Robert Aloisi/Andrew Vanderburg White Dwarf Exoplanets Identified in TESS FFI Images 2m 39 DDT034
035 Melinda Soares-Furtado Asteroseismic Investigation of Pulsating Blue Stragglers in NGC 6819 2m 11 DDT035
036 Trevor David Weighing Newborn Planets in the V1298 Tau System 2m 1 DDT036
037 Belinda Nicholson Searching for transits of Year 2 single transit planet candidates 2m 123 DDT037
038 Travis Metcalfe Asteroseismology of Spectropolarimetric Benchmark Stars 20s 3 DDT038
039 Michelle Kunimoto M Dwarf Exoplanets 2m 738 DDT039
040 Venkatessh Ramakrishnan TESS monitoring of quasar jets with standing shocks 2m 6 DDT040
041 Huber A Survey of Oscillations and Granulation in Evolved Solar-Type Stars 2m 14838 DDT041
042 Michelle Kunimoto White Dwarf Exoplanets 2m 73 DDT042
043 Michelle Kunimoto White Dwarf Exoplanets 20s 10 DDT043
044 Elyse Incha Single-transit Planet Candidates from K2 Campaign 19E 2m 3 DDT044
045 Michelle Kunimoto Faint Star TOIs 2m 390 DDT045
046 Rahul Jayaraman A Low-Temperature sdBV star in a Long-Period Binary 20s 1 DDT046
047 Michelle Kunimoto M Dwarf Exoplanets 2m 2031 DDT047
048 Michelle Kunimoto White Dwarf Exoplanets 2m 412 DDT048
049 Michelle Kunimoto White Dwarf Exoplanets 20s 50 DDT049
050 Melinda Soares-Furtado Asteroseismic Investigation of a Pulsating Blue Straggler in Open Cluster M67 2m 1 DDT050
051 Krista Lynne Smith A NICER-TESS Synergistic Look at QPOs in AGN 2m 1 DDT051
052 Alexis M. S. Smith A unique chance to observe the transit of a planet in a 522-d orbit 2m 1 DDT052
053 Rahul Jayaraman OBA Stars with TESS 20s 3 DDT053
054 Nora Eisner Asteroseismic investigation of an evolved, bright planetary system 20s 1 DDT054
055 Maria Pia Di Mauro The characterization of the host star GJ504 20s 1 DDT055
056 Mia Sloth Lundkvist Asteroseismic observations of the Methuselah star 20s 1 DDT056
057 Maximilian N. G√ľnther Young Stellar Merger Remnant TYC 2597-735-1 20s 4 DDT057
058 Kevin Burdge Eclipsing binary ZTF J1539+5027 20s 1 DDT058
059 Daniella Gagliuffi A Search for Asteroseismic Oscillations in 14 Her 20s 1 DDT059
060 Rahul Jayaraman Tidally Tilted Pulsators in Cycle 4 2m 3 DDT060
061 Nestor Espinoza Obtaining the best precision out of HAT-P-14b transit observations 20s 1 DDT061
062 Eder Martioli TESS planet candidates orbiting thick-disk stars 2m 1 DDT062
063 Daniel Huber JWST Exoplanet Host Stars 20s 41 DDT063
064 Roland Vanderspek CRM data collection 20s 64 DDT064
065 Michelle Kunimoto New TOIs from Nearby Planet Candidates 2m 5 DDT065
066 Donald Kurtz et al. Whatever happened to HD60435? 20s 1 DDT066
067 Mary Anne Limbach & Andrew Vanderburg Ages from Asteroseismology for the Habitable Worlds Observatory Targets using 20-second-Cadence TESS Data 20s 58 DDT067
068 Mikkel N. Lund Asteroseismology of Hyades and Preasepe Giants 20s 8 DDT068
069 Agnes Kospal Reverberation in DR Tau 20s 1 DDT069
070 Jeremy Schnittman triple eclipsing system 20s 8 DDT070

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