TESS Input Catalog

The TESS Input Catalog (TIC) is a compiled catalog of stellar parameters for every optically persistent, stationary object in the sky. The TIC is used to aid in two minute cadence target selection for the TESS mission and to calculate physical and observational properties of planet candidates. It is for use by both the TESS science team and the public, and it is periodically updated - the current version is TIC-5. TIC-5 uses the 2MASS catalog as a base and merges a large number of other photometric catalogs, including UCAC4, APASS, SDSS, WISE, etc. There are roughly 700 million stellar and extended sources in TIC-5, containing compiled magnitudes including B, V, u, g, r, i, z, J, H, K, W1-W4, G. This number will increase to over a billion sources with the addition of Gaia DR2 in a later TIC version. TIC-6 is expected to be released around October 2017.

The TIC can be directly accessed through the Mikulski Archive for Space Telescopes (MAST), using either queries or bulk download. The TESS page at MAST is here, and this page describes various ways of searching or downloading the TIC.

The TIC is the responsibility of the SAO Arm of the TESS Science Office under the leadership of Dave Latham. The TESS Target Selection Working Group (TSWG) is co-chaired by Keivan Stassun (Vanderbilt) & Joshua Pepper (Lehigh).

Density distribution of the top 10 million stars from the TIC, showing the structure in the catalog and other density features.

Quantities in the TIC

Calculated TESS Mag (600-1000nm), Coordinates (Galactic, Ecliptic, Equatorial) 109 objects
Proper Motions 108 objects
Parallax (Including TGAS!) 106 objects
Stellar Spectroscopic Quantities 108 objects
Calculated Stellar Mass and Radius 107 objects
Luminosity Class 108 objects
Flux Contamination & Priority 107 objects