TESS Followup

The TESS Followup Program (TFOP) aims to complete the TESS mission Level 1 Requirement of delivering 50 transiting small planets with measured masses to the community. The TESS Objects of Interest (TOIs) will be followed up with imaging, reconnaissance spectroscopy, and precise Doppler Spectroscopy.

The TFOP Working Group is run by Dave Latham and is separated into 5 subgroups:

TFOP Organization

Steering Committee Position Chair/Representative Institution E-mail
ExoFOP-TESS Jessie Christiansen NExScI/Caltech christia@ipac.caltech.edu
High-Resolution Imaging (SG3) David Ciardi NExScI/Caltech ciardi@ipac.caltech.edu
Precise Radial Velocities (SG4)
TESS Director of Science
Dave Latham CfA dlatham@cfa.harvard.edu
ExoFOP-TESS Jessie Christiansen NExScI/Caltech christia@ipac.caltech.edu
Recon Spectroscopy (SG2) Sam Quinn CfA squinn@cfa.harvard.edu
Seeing-Limited Photometry (SG1) Karen Colins Vanderbilt karenacollins@outlook.com
Space Photometry (SG5) Diana Dragomir MIT dragomir@space.mit.edu
TESS Deputy Director of Science Sara Seager MIT seager@mit.edu

See the Draft Charter for details. To join the TFOP, send an application to the SubGroup chair, with a copy to Dave Latham.

Include the following in the application:
  • statement that the applicant agrees with the TFOP charter
  • description of the applicant’s scientific background, research interest and expertise, and expected/planned contribution to the TFOP Working Group
  • description of the instrumentation available for TESS follow-up
  • description of the amount of time expected to be available on the above instrument(s) for TESS follow-up
  • description of the amount of time the applicant (and local team) expect to be able to contribute to TESS follow-up

The TFOP WG is having an on-going discussion of member responsibilities and privileges. Discussions on the data upload mechanisms, protection of intellectual property, and appropriate credit are also ongoing.

Credit: R. Vanderspek
Credit: NASA